1. Ive been struggling. Can someone message me their thoughts on veganism, mixed with weight loss, and fat acceptance?

  2. Fat People Are Happy Too! Damn!

    Hey Tumblrs, so today there is a Criminal Minds marathon on so I will be watching A&E 24/7. They are advertising this new show called Heavy. It goes into the lives of overweight people and shows how they are having really serious issues with health, and personal relationship. They also show how they are losing the weight and having better lives. BUT OF COURSE the show will be riddled with images of low angle camera shots showing chubby booties and also “amazing” scenes showing these people eating meals. Oh and crying… they will have to cry to. You know, because overweight people cant be happy. 

    Exhibit A- Beth Ditto is happy AND sexy… lets move on.

    So I know the people on this show do have more serious issues than other overweight or even morbidly obese people in regular life. But my issue is that WHY ARENT THERE SHOWS THAT SHOW OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE BEING HAPPY! 

    Its so annoying. As soon as I saw a preview of the show I was thinking "Damn… another show that will make people assume that I’m sad". I’M NOT SAD! Why not show a series, hell, it doesn’t even have to be a series. A one night special called "Hey…I’m Actually Happy". It will go into the lives of chubby, overweight, morbidly obese people and show them living their lives, dating, dancing, just having fun! It can even be funny, but please… please world… Don’t think we are sad, have no life, and most importantly want to be skinny. 

    Exhibit B- We Dress Nice Too! 

    Now… there is ANOTHER show on MTV called “I Used To Be Fat” And it goes into the lives of college bound teens and shows their struggles of losing weight before college. Sure I have no issues with wanting to be healthy, or even have issues with losing a few pounds. But for me when you want to shed 100lbs so you can be excepted by friends at school just rubs the wrong nerve with me. 

    This is a vent… but I dunno. I just really want for people to know that Overweight people are happy too! We are fashionable, and damnit WE ARENT SAD!

    Im hungry now… so im going to have a Boca burger. 


  3. Too Much Truth in this photo. 


    Too Much Truth in this photo. 



  4. Follow this Tumblr: Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls  →

    I love love love this tumblr. Its so amazing. It features tons of pictures of girls (and a few guys) who are happy with their bellies and curves and want to show everyone. 

    It helps me feel a lot better about myself and it will definitely help a lot of other girls out there as well. 

    It posts little mini stories about how these girls all learned to love themselves. So yeah… Follow this blog, you will not regret it. 

  5. FUCK YES ! This song made my night… srsly 

    "Find yo self a big laaaiiddaaaay" :D 



    Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)-Mika

  6. Hey Erika :) I’m a teen and my family gives me a lot of crap about my body. My mom publicly says I have “pear shaped breasts” and I get hassle about my weight alot. How should I react to this in a manner that will show them i’m not one to be messed with?

    So I must admit, I totally teared up a bit when I read this question. I had to deal with this a lot when I was younger as well, because I really don’t ever think there was a time when I was ever “skinny”. 

    I think what you have to do is love yourself before you make anyone else love you. People really like people with confidence. And even if you aren’t the tiny one, if you still exude confidence then self-consciously no one will mess with you. And if / when they do, the comments will just go in one ear and out the other. 

    So, I say to get them off your case, is to start loving yourself. And if you already do? I do give a big hand clap for you, because its hard living in a society where a womens worth is determined on how much space she takes up, or how much space she doesn’t take up. So if you already have that confidence I know you have the confidence to tell them to knock it off. Or you can hit them with one of those statements that make them go “hmph”. It will go like this …

    Your mom- Ugh at your pear shaped breasts… 
    You- Yep, and you know what I love them, and its really sad you have to break someone else’s self esteem down to make everyone hate their bodies just because you do. 

    I think you also should do some searches on the ”Fat Acceptance Movement”(you wont regret it) 

    Here’s one of my favorite sites 
    http://www.fatshionista.com (and on the side there’s another list of blogs!) 

    Books too! I just picked up a copy of "Lessons from the Fat-O-sphere". Some of the chapters are “Don’t Participate In Diet Talk”, “Don’t Keep Clothes That Don’t Fit”, and “Don’t Shop at stores that don’t Carry Your size, and if you are with thin friends… tell them you wont go there”

    Good Luck!

    Ask me anything

  7. Life is short, eat cake.


    From, Smart happy people everywhere lol.

    C’mon women, stop worrying about your weight, and just be happy!

  8. Feminist Rant: Surprisingly Some Women Actually Love Their Bodies!

    Sigh… so hey everyone. Hows your day. Good :-)

    So today I went to Starbucks for a nice relaxing cup of something yummy. I got in line and the first thing I heard was "YEAAAH I DONT WANT TO BE A FAT ASS". I was thinking, Hmmm okay, great for you. This women was so persistant on how she didnt want to be a fat ass for like 5 minutes. I tried to ignore it, but it was one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard in my life. She eventually got her order and left out. Thank goodness.

    Then, the women in front of me was also talking about how she didn’t want to be a "fatty". I let out a huge huge SIGH!

    All 4 of these ladies were so so so tiny!

    Im not a tiny girl haha, no where near it. Im glad to say I don’t have a problem with my weight. I like how clothes fit right now. But I personally dont care about how you dont want to be like me. I think people forget that other people can ignore the “stay stick thin” models on the television. I believe a lot of people dont know that some people actually like the way they look and dont ever plan to diet ever again.


    So I do think it was so rude! I wish I would of said something.But I did do something…

    After hearing barristas yell “non fat no whip ice coffee! skinny latte no cream!, no whip skinny frapp!… etc etc” I had to make up in mind of what I wanted. I was going to get just a simple green tea. But I was like fuck it..

    Barrista- “Yes what can I get for you today?”

    Me- “Umm ill take a Grande Green Tea Frappachino, with whip cream… OH and a lemon pound cake slice. Thank you!”

    And can I just say It was de.li.ci.ous.